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Whether you’re riding at top speed between the tape, or just a weekend lap on your favorite trails, the Leatt MTB Enduro 3.0 V23 has the versatility to provide comfortable protection on any trail.
Ultimate airflow and the protection you need. As one of the lighter and more minimalistic bicycle gloves in Leatt's lineup.
The Leatt Gravity 2.0 helmet is full-face, head and brain protection. 360 ̊ Turbine Technology lines the helmet is with turbines, 360 ̊moving discs, that reduce the rotational acceleration to the head and brain upon impact at concussion level.
For riders who thrive on the feeling of extreme days propelled by the forces of gravity, the newly-updated Gravity 4.0 V23 by Leatt is an award-winning helmet that offers superior head protection with exceptional airflow to keep you cool on hot days.
The one trail helmet you will ever need with premium head and brain protection. A lightweight all-purpose MTB helmet for trail riding, cross country training and back country or gravel. Well ventilated with washable liner.
The MTB AllMtn 1.0 V22 Helmet from Leatt is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality and protective helmet. Featuring a polymer compound shell in three sizes, this helmet is designed for a comfortable and snug fit.
Lightweight Polymer shell with sunglasses dock port for easy, secure storage. Fidlock magnetic closure system and 360°° Turbine Technology that reduces peak brain acceleration by up to 30% and peak brain rotational acceleration by up to 40%.
Leatt AllMtn Helmets are the most comfortable all mountain helmet with head and brain protection technology money can buy!
From wide open high-mountain Alpine trails to steep and sinewy forest singletrack, the MTB 3.0 Helmet AllMtn from Leatt delivers super levels of protection, including brain-protecting 360° Turbine Technology.
The Leatt Enduro 2.0 V23 Helmet is made from a lightweight polymer shell and features 360° Turbine Technology. It has a removable chin bar with an easy push-button system, a Fidlock magnetic closure system and an adjustable visor with a breakaway function
Our goggles are bulletproof, they can take impacts like no other, allowing you to look ahead without fear of the roost or branches, perfect fit and cool looks that won’t break the bank.
Showingof 24 item(s)