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Alpine Bike Works Will Help Make Assembling Your New Bike Easy and Fun

So, you found the perfect bike and need it delivered to your front door?

Let Alpine Bike works’ professional techs send it to you, pre-assembled and pre-tuned. Each bike is securely packed and ready for final assembly by you!

Use this instructional video to guide you through. 

Here are the tools required.

  • Utility Knife
  • Pair of scissors
  • 6mm torque wrench
  • Pair of diagonal cutters
  • 15mm pedal wrench

Now Let’s get started

Using the utility knife, cut open the top of the box.

Remove the front wheel and set aside.

Pull the bike out and put it in a bike stand. Pro tip, if you don’t have a bike stand you can use the box as a stand. 

Using the scissors, or diagonal cutters, remove packing materials from the handle bars, stem, and front fork. Be careful in this step, as you don’t want a scratch on your beautiful new whip. 

Using the 6mm torque wrench remove the face plate from the stem and install the handle bars. 

Using the lines or marks to center the handlebars,

Install the face plate in the upright position and hand tighten down the bolts. Do not fully torque down these bolts, we’ll do that in a later step. 

Remove the rest of the packing materials from the bike carefully. 

Using the diagonal cutters, remove the plastic protective piece from the rear axel. 

Now it’s time to put on the front wheel. 

Take a hex wrench and remove the front axel from the fork. 

Remove the cardboard piece from the front brake caliper.

Using the diagonal cutters again, remove the plastic front hub protectors and install the wheel. Make sure to line up the rotor in between the front brake pads, then feed the front axel through and tighten down with the hex wrench. 

Now it’s time to install the pedals. 

The pedals are marked left and right and have an "L" or "R" machined into the ends of the pedal axles.

Using your pedal wrench attached the pedals to the crank arms and tighten snugly.

Now it's time to ride your dream bike.

From all your Alpine Bike Works friends, thank you for the business and enjoy your ride!