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Keene and Killington Area MTB Trail Maps


Being a mountain bike focused shop means we care a lot about our communities' mountain bike trails. Knowing where they are, offering advice on how to get to and ride on them and providing knowledgeable advice that is best suited to each customer's skill level and interests.

We are also fully committed to improving our communities' health through mountain biking, a rapidly growing sport that helps people, of all ages, get out into the environment (year around!), stay active and fit.

In addition, we are actively working towards creating MTB destinations in our communities. These activity have proven, across the country, to improve the quality of live, attract new businesses and employees and grow the local economies.





Keene Area Trail Maps

With over 8 miles of rail trails and 40+ miles of single track within the city of Keene, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine it becoming a Northeast MTB destination with the potential to create economic growth for the city. The first step to make this happen is to name the trail system. To this end, we initiated a community program to create a name for the combined mountain biking available within the city of Keene.

The program involved local business and land owners, the local chapter of the New England Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA-BK), Keene Parks and Recreation, Pathways for Keene, Monadnock Region Rail Trail Collaborative and Greater Monadnock Collaborative.

The name was chosen to be RideKeene and Keene Parks Recreation has completed an economic development study that will help us reach the full potential these beautiful trails offer our community.


Stonewall Farm


Food Network


Drummer Hill


Pisgah State Park


Dublin School, Dublin NH


Ladies' Wildwood Park


Killington Area Trail Maps


Killington Bike Park






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