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Ibis Send 29 Aluminum Wheel Set XD148

Burly aluminum wheel set, tubeless ready pre-taped with tubeless valve stems. 2060 grams (total set)

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The Black­bird Send Alu­minum rims are designed to elim­i­nate pinch flats and keep the tire sealed no mat­ter what you hit. We offer two ver­sions. The Send 1 (front) and 2 (rear) rim share a unique hol­low box-sec­tion bead­wall that cre­ates a broad con­tact point with the tire, which is much stronger and does­n’t slice tire side­walls. The Burli­er ver­sion, the Send II, adds a pair of ribs direct­ly beneath the bead seat to keep them round after even the hard­est hits.

An asym­met­ric rim means that instead of the spoke holes being drilled through the cen­ter of the rim, they’re slight­ly off­set. Doing this allows us to improve the brac­ing angle of the spokes. Because our rims are so wide we get to make them even more off­set than nor­mal. Our larg­er off­set allows us to ten­sion both sides of the wheels near­ly equal­ly, which results in a stronger and more durable wheelset.

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